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Immediately available: Chief executive position with “al Qaeda” organization. Includes 401k, personal bodyguards, chauffeur, lots of travelling possibilities, and life insurance that, in case of death, guarantees fringe group hero status for the entire family, and anywhere from 40 to 72 virgins for you. Position requires almost fanatic knowledge of the Quran and the ability to freely interpret and apply its teachings according to organization’s needs. Previous experience with promotions for large faith based groups is preferred. Perfect for out-going pastors or Catholic priests. Must be comfortable with living in cave-like environments for prolonged periods of time with little to no outward communication. However, we are known for cutting edge gadgetry and rarely is it ever boring in our “Bat-caves” since we have direct access to high grade opium and ‘willing’ women.
Preferably, you have worked with Western companies a la Halliburton in the past and are proficient in English, German, or French. We are a self-funded organization, so a clientele base of investors, even if small, is a required asset or alternately, your share of family holdings must be presented with application. Must be of good health and trained in arms. Dissent for social progress is encouraged, and despotic predispositions are welcome. Please apply with Resume and CV after November 4, 2012.

Funny, right? Of course, it is funny; because it is not you and you probably feel that bin Laden’s death is just and that he had it coming anyways. I can tell you right here and now that in thinking like that the Western governments’ rhetoric and agendas are doing well and are accomplishing their goals. The lack of major dissent in the Western mainstream media and their consumers in the aftermath of this event is alarming to say the least. Dissent, in this sense, means that the populace, for one, asks detailed questions about the events that transpired in Pakistan over the last week, and also keep the on-going domestic, North African, and Middle Eastern events in the foreground. This entails general issues such as the West being essentially in the same political and economic positions as it was four or five years ago in addition to reiterating myths about economic recovery and democracy-oriented interventions in despotic regimes that were, not even a year ago, fully supported by Western leaders. Then the most imperative issue of why every time the people down here in the streets get a whiff of that acrid smell of the reigning parties’ altruism and start calling ‘bullshit’ they get fed political valium which renders all dissent unpatriotic, fascist, and at times, evil?

For the last year or so, leading parties in the Western hemisphere have experienced less than stellar success in alleviating economic woes and everyday people are feeling it on their skin. America’s innards are rotting at an increasing rate and there is not a concrete end in sight. GM’s year-to-date sales numbers are up for April, but that does not mean anything when gas prices have hit abhorrent heights because of absurd reasons related to Lybia’s social struggle. Not to mention the costs of both the US and Canada intervening in said struggle while both nations are already tangled up in never ending conflicts. And now there are serious debates about raising debt ceilings to prevent failure of the whole Western market system? Whether the US has that much clout in the European markets is arguable, but it is nevertheless worth mentioning that its global clout has been greatly diminished over the last decade and that maybe a failure is needed for the people here to finally wake up. After all, you would never expect someone to be granted third, fourth and fifth chances in the education system. It is widely known that China holds about $1.6 trillion in US Treasury Bonds, which means that it holds close to 10% of the accumulated US debt. It does not take a genius to figure that this situation will leave the country more or less at the mercy of its debtors and realistically speaking the, for now, most powerful nation in the world will never be able to pay any of the current $14.1 trillion debt. The US is royally fucked, as the saying goes.

Europe is not better off. Surely, you have economic powerhouses like Germany who more or less are minimizing their losses in the recession with spending cuts, but being literally the only nation that is pulling the weight of the whole continent does not effectively offset debts and lack of production by Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, or any of the newer joiners like Bulgaria, Romania, or Poland. The senseless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya are taking political and economic difficulties to a whole new destructive level where people in the affected countries have to seriously start thinking about reverting to old methods of satisfying their day-to-day needs of feeding their children, paying mortgages, and fuelling their vehicles. For everyone who has no job and good credit, I’d suggest to grab some land for cheap and read up on agriculture because soon enough farmers will be in high demand. An even more drastic approach – which I am starting to foresee if things keep going this way – would be to just load up on guns and ammunition and wait till it all eventually goes tits up and it becomes social Darwinism as seen in the Kalahari. It will likely be too late trying to find civil solutions after they raise the last debt-ceiling, democratize the last regime, pull out the last combatant, bail out the last bank, default on the last credit, and when crime is rampant because there are few jobs and plenty of mouths to feed. One thing is for sure, in such a scenario, army veterans turned “criminals” will know how to survive better than bankers and servers. The 47-year old dads with college-ready kids and outstanding mortgages of 18 years should have probably asked some questions while they had some wiggle room and not allowed themselves to be duped into the romanticism of a black American president or fairy-tales of special ops forces hunting down “ultimate evils.” And most definitely not buying into celebrating deaths of other human beings, regardless of their wickedness.

But clearly these sort of things are forgotten when your 17-year old baby girl chants USA and high-fives her kin over the death of a perceived “symbolic figure.” It was apparent what was happening to people a year into Obama’s presidency. Savvy political marketing does not only buy more time for very, very long wars, but more importantly it creates not so tacit consent for fake goals. Elated sheep are what Jon Favreau and Obama’s public relations team are after and they get favorable results every time without fail as seen two nights ago at 1600 Pennsylvania. As Freud taught us, the early traumatic experiences of our lives have considerable influence over our angsts and desires, and therefore can be used to, later on, manipulate our behavior. If I remember it right the news were awash with the attacks and for the transitional TV/Internet generation of the early 2000s the mainstream messages of the CNNs and BBCs are what was imprinted in their young minds overtly and insidiously at the same time. No wonder that in the period when Western leaders were enjoying a shit sandwich from the general population regarding economic recovery, numerous wars, and, Obama-specifically, heat to set off the presidential campaign on a good foot, the message “Osama bin Laden is dead” is supposed to trigger the suppressed neurons made up of ten years of pain, hate, loss, patriotism, humiliation, national discord, illegal occupations, a ruined global image, and uncertainty. It was also aimed to opiate some of that self-consciousness with which Western countries have had to learn to deal.

Just as was the case when Obama became president, people in the West regaled his messages, celebrated the occasion everywhere, and most crucially, shut the fuck up about more important matters that actually touched them every day, and which started to attract some static. If you have ever thought about, or are thinking about engaging in any kind of political paradigm, be it related to your local affairs or in an inter/national sense, there is one thing you absolutely have to learn. You have to master the art of pacifying the populace. I have a theory about social interaction that the loudest baby will get the most attention. Innumerous times in the last four years, the population in the US, Canada, and most developed European countries have expressed harsh dissent toward their elected leaders. This took form of mass protests and violence in Athens, Paris, London, and Toronto. Alternately, we have grassroots movements in North America due to the regressive policies of seemingly progressive pols which have indebted every country, including themselves, and which strictly hold the tenet that Reagan’s trickle-down effect is truly the way to everyone’s economic well-being. Well, Reagan has also started the war on drugs, tactics of which make their way from Mexico into our news on a weekly basis. Late in the first decade of the 2000’s it was obvious that the way people let diplomats go about their business is not sustainable so people took to the streets, blogs, and other ways of communicating change. So the baby in the streets started screaming for the return of the troops, started screaming for a stop of nonsensical bloodshed, started screaming for repercussions in shortselling and day trading of people’s life savings, and started screaming for some humane treatment by their elected leaders.

This immensely productive way of generating dissent and calls for people-oriented change does not sit well with profiteers on Wall Street, in Frankfurt, the London Stock Exchange, or the Buffet household. People in the streets needed to calm down, so the powers deliver to them something unprecedented that will all but make the untapped sub-consciousness orgasm like a 17-year old private school student at the touch of his first shaven vagina. You know it must be working when yesteryears’ social rights leeches like Jesse Jackson teared up after the 2008 election results were known. So what do we have now with bin Laden’s death?

I woke up yesterday and as far I could tell the average unemployment rate was still around 10%. ICBC is setting up a 1000 people strong cut-back, Warren Buffet’s people are still being investigated for fraud, and the Conservatives in Canada will highly likely go ahead with them fighter jets now that the nation and its representatives have no other way than put their head down and wait for the next opportunity to “elect” some other evil. Western politics, in general, are increasingly turning into a zoo of fame whores, sex fiends, and self-righteous buffoons afflicted with a rabid idiocy that democracy can truly be established with less than three representing points of view. How anything can be resolved in terms of the wars, joblessness, or any sort of fairness toward the populations of these here lands is an enigma to me, when we get to choose from mental capacities that of a tsetse fly. Speaking of mental shortcomings, it is certainly no surprise that Obama’s latest gig is directly tied to maximizing his chances next year, but what the operations in Afghanistan (and Pakistan), separately, are banking on with the fantastical events over the last 3 days is a mental breakdown by al Qaeda. This “blow” to the morale would come in perfect time for Spring and the traditional beginning of any fighting season. The official reports of roadside bombings in Kabul and A-stan/Pakistan border will most definitely be blamed on retaliation for Osama’s death. Keep in mind that like anything else, in Spring, all comes alive; even the “terrorists” and the “heathens.” This is, however, just a side note that should not be left unmentioned. Still the bigger backdrop is as always to divert attention from people’s daily shortcomings that can be solely accredited to the leaders who work in perversely altruistic paradigms where every opportunity will be exhausted to manipulate the street folk to fit their plan. There is always a plan, and if you work hard to cancel out the white noise you will see that just like your older brother, they will use your own hand to hit you, but hold you responsible for your own demise. It is up to you to either feed yourself shots or knee them in the nuts.

Written by Sasha's Faceblog

May 6, 2011 at 5:16 am

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